Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Effect Vest

I would like to say I'm finished with another project, but let's face it:  It probably has some work to be done, and yet I'm SO excited because it really seems to be "my" creation with borrowed ideas ...blocked...
And tried on:
and found it's a bit TOO minimal for me.  No closures/ties/loops... yet.  So, I've decided to pass this on to a smaller body and do a requested closure method.  (Maybe nothing, maybe "Knot Closure", ...loop and button... too many to choose.)
The pattern is a combination of Sandi Rosner's Vest from a book called Not Just Socks, with a pattern around the middle from cookie a's Bex sock pattern (found in Sock innovation).  It was fun, even though it has seen many Atlantic Ocean flights.  That's the problem when you don't have a clear destination for the project.  LOVE the yarn:
 Hand-dye Effect by RegiaLight Fingering / 3 ply
70% Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Acrylic
459 yards / 100 grams (used 2 skeins)
The colors in that series are beautiful, but with such long color repeats, I find it isn't suitable for the kinds of socks I knit.  
The edging is attached I-cord per Rosner's instructions.  Makes a nice finish, yet I'm wondering if it will stay blocked, and not roll... It may need an iron touch-up.

Yesterday, April Fool!

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