Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

NOT!  Spring Knitting, or trying to finish up a few items.  Not much for blogging this month, and I promise there will be less in April, ... and May,.... and... we'll see.  It seems a busy time for me, and I would rather be... outside knitting!
Funny story:  Years ago I saw this beautiful tee at Yarn (Durango), hanging there on a stick or something, catching the light just so that it called out, "Touch me, and you'll be forever mine."   I touched, and it has been mine, forever, or at least for almost FIVE years.  I felt the luxury of bamboo, and I bought the yarn and pattern in the summer of 2008.  I knitted it up in a flash, but never found the right buttons for the front tab.  Instead I found stupid buttons, and I wore it.  I loved the feel, but it didn't love my figure back, so I put it away.  I should have just handed it over to my daughter, who would look gorgeous in it, and have replaced the buttons with something stunning, ... but I didn't.  It languished in my closet, on a shelf.  Then THREE years ago, I decided that was silly.  I'll make something else, like a little dress for my Juju.  I frogged some of it, and used extra balls and completed my little dress.  And it stretched like crazy!  I don't know if that little dress ever got worn, but then a few years later, I looked at the cannibalized tee and decided I wanted it again.  All I had left was the boring stockinette of the body.  (Top down = exciting start, boring finish)  A few weeks ago, I decided to "JUST DO IT", and now I have... a finished tee, NO buttons, and it might be a bit short, but maybe someone with an attractive belly button will wear it.  It still feels YUMMY soft.

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  1. Attractive belly button. LOL Can't even see mine anymore.


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