Monday, August 14, 2017

A busy summer

Busy with the important job of knitting!  Even though the temps are high, I somehow manage to sit with wool in my lap... and this thing just knits itself.
Can you imagine these colors?  Not me!  I rely on Rowan, Rowan yarns, models knitted up, irresistible... 
I've resisted for many years, but not this time.  
My favorite shop is Norwegian Spirit, located in the train station of Bergen, Norway.  At first I thought it was a souvenir shop (think tourists) because they had a fair amount of Dale of Norway sweaters hanging on a rack out front, but they have a great inventory of Garnstudio yarns and Rowan, and many others.  But it's the Rowan models that take your breath away... and I finally went all in. 
In May, I bought the pattern and yarn for this cardigan.  (Not without the angst of seeing three other patterns that vied for my attention.)  
The colors are nothing I could have imagined, and fair isle... each section begs to be completed just to see what surprise it has to offer!
Upon completion of the body, I realized that it would fit me! YAY!  But I wanted to gift this to my daughter, so I began a second body in her size... Norwegian knitwear is needed year round.  Mine can wait until... winter.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Elephant 2.0

We all have knitted something for someone and wondered, considering the amount of time and love put into it:

  1. Will it get used?
  2. Will it be taken care of properly?
  3. Where will it be in a year or two?
  4. Does the recipient know anything about this item?
Well, I have to say that, knitted items given to my daughter and her family, can be answered with a resounding "YES" to all of the above.  (But, #3... doesn't get answered yes or no, you say?)

The answer to number 3... when you make something for a little girl, a growing up girl, that's a difficult one.  And I'm happy to say that most things get passed on to special friends, or end up back at my house.  
This is the story about pullover turned elephant, which I have to call 2.0.
My idea has been in the back of my mind, but it's fruition was greatly influenced by my visit to Shetland, and Burra Bears.  It gave me the confidence to attempt this:



Here she is: 3-½ years old, and sweater worn until she was seven! We had to pry it out of her hands...

I realize now the expertise needed to make a truly quality stuffed animal,  plus... OMG! How do you throw away the leftovers?  (Solution: I haven't.)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Basket interlude

Above, is an experiment... more or less successful.  I discovered how difficult it is to make a gradual slope, in the shape of a pie plate.  Hint: The fruit covers my sins.

That was my attempt to refresh my basket weaving skills, thinking I needed to rid myself of extra reed... To that end, I invited several knitters to give it a try, and here is the result:
My first attempt at a melon basket.
And first timers:

This summer, I've watched friends "down-size" and move to a condo ⅕ the size of their previous home, and friends move without downsizing, packing hundreds of boxes, and a friend empty a garage in anticipation for construction of a master bedroom suite (which means downsizing). Then I look at my own home and think I should be doing something...about stuff.

The first thing that came to mind was "stash". As in yarn, photos, fabric, clothing, dishes, .... and the list goes on. So, I decided to do something about my stash of reed for basket making. Seemed like a good start. As I pulled out my container I managed to pull out at least three other items that could be released to the clubs, cat scratching pole, exercise step...all unused for a decade or more. Win-win!

Results were exhausting and fun...and I still have reed.  And it ignited my desire to weave more baskets.  Weeks later, the reed is sitting in the kitchen, and I have a desire to make more.  But what about those knitted projects?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My favorite time of year

I admit it...never been to Alaska. Probably never will.  I think I have my fill of long summer days and below moderate temperatures with my attachment to Norway.  However, the PBS Wild Alaska Live series was fun to watch.  And yearly I tune in to this cam for entertainment:

I watch the bears and cheer them on.


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