Sunday, May 8, 2016

Could be worse?

The sun shineth, at 9 pm...

Activity outside;  it's Spring!

You bet!
As a knitter, I'm probably typical in that I expect results that will please me. Patterns can be ornery, and I don't mind starting over to gain more pleasing results.
But travel? I plan, plan, rethink, check and recheck, expecting that I have chosen the best plan for smooth sailing. Yet, what can go wrong?
1. Weather (snow storms on Christmas Day)
2. Mechanical failure (no arguing there...a broken plane?)
3. Accidents (can't protect yourself from stupid)
4. Holidays in May IN NORWAY!

Yep, number 4 got me again. And even the ticket machine, upon producing a "valid for one hour" ticket announced that there would be a train in 21 minutes. Yet when I turned around and saw the monitor, nada! I failed to notice that my Monday through Friday only train means that when "Ascension Day" (that highly anticipated holy day) falls on Thursday, Thursday is not Monday through Friday. The trains that normally run every hour, run every two hours.
So, I had to sit in the sunlight of evening, staring at the train tracks and the mountains, and ...knit!

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