Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pants Saga

Chilly, damp weather is on the way... in Bergen.  A little girl needs WOOL!
This will be the fourth (or fifth) pair of warm pants.  But it turned into a saga of yarn!  (If I was clever, I would compose a rhyme...)
It started with... "I need wool, superwash wool, in girly colors, of a certain weight..."  Normally, a knitter would have a look around the LYS, however, there exists none within 50 miles.  (sigh)  That just makes me dumpster dive into my stash, and there, sitting in my living room is a big BIG BIG bowl of yarn. (You know what I mean, Denise/Kay/Jennifer/Jenny. It's been there for years.) Fingering weight (used double), various colors, and I decide to use it up. (This yarn was purchased for a sweater, but I lost the pattern and didn't find it until 3 years later. In the meantime, the size became obsolete, and I got fed up with trying to locate it and used some of it for other projects: Here, here and here.  (Seven projects in all; see below for Ravelry link.)

But without knowing how much I needed (exactly), I started out using two colors at a time. 

And then another color combination, and...
Another combination.  Now I knew how much, but not really crazy about mirroring my original, so...
I ripped it back and ... made a new combination!
This one I like! It's a keeper.

 Patterned pullover 4.6 skeins = 979.8 yards, 230 grams
 Turkish Socks 0.25 skeins = 53.3 yards, 12 grams
 Child's Redbird Pullover 5 skeins = 1065 yards, 250 grams
 Bonnet for Fiona 0.92 skeins = 196 yards, 46 grams
 Little cow mittens 0.12 skeins = 25.6 yards, 6 grams
 ELF cap 1.3 skeins = 276.9 yards, 65 grams
 Removeable sole socks 0.7 skeins = 149.1 yards, 35 grams

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