Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nanny Sewing

Sorry... These will be late reports on activities over the summer.  I could have posted in July.

Spending the summer in Norway, not a warm summer, but averaging 15ºC as the high temperature, I willingly put a quilt on my lap.  This is the quilt that my daughter pieced more than 10 years ago, and I have been quilting it periodically.  I pointed out (a year ago) that it wouldn't get finished if it was tucked away on a spare bedroom bed that was 100 miles away. It traveled back to Bergen with us a year ago, and this summer I managed to complete 3/4 of the inner border.  It had lots of competition!
Trips to the museums, the aquarium, playgrounds, daycare and school...and
In the first week I was there, I sewed this pretty dress.  She's a perfect size for a six-year-old. And lucky me...she likes to smile. (This is before losing her front teeth!)  Well, the tights aren't exactly a match, but I've learned to make decisions on things that matter.  The smile and photo are well worth it.

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