Monday, June 29, 2015

Dyeing, and loving it!

Who knew that painting yarn would be fun?  Just one skein, one chance, one attempt at a colorway... and we were all so different.
Under the direction of master dyer, Sarah Bass, of Propanicus Moon label, we used the great outdoors at Conesus Lake.

Some chose to carefully daub, but I was a "squirter".  Squirt bottles RUS!  Nearby daubers looked at my work suspiciously, and I admit, I made the biggest mess. I realized I had too much dye floating around, and became the problem child, holding my dripping yarn, and trying to ask nicely for assistance.  

The finished products, what a variety, and every one was lovely to gaze at.  We should have made a pact that whatever we make from these skeins, should be displayed at a reunion.  Wouldn't that make a sight, hanging on the rack?

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