Sunday, September 14, 2014

Viking and Scottish Knitting

After eight years of trying to visit a Viking Farm Museum off the island of Karmøy, I finally was there during their open season.  Several times I've walked past but no one was home, and the gates were locked.
Above:  From the church in the background to here is about 1/4 of the way and the steepest bit.
 It's a hike out there, no driving, but they have people showing and explaining the buildings, their structure and design, archery and sock making!
Interior of the lodge where everyone lived.  It was dark!

And a loom!

With an upside down ship for a roof, this building is where the above photos were taken.

 I hesitate to say it's knitting, because they use only one needle.  The finished sock is very dense, and, of course, coarse wool.  I was delighted!  Having family with me, I couldn't sit down and learn everything I needed to know, but then there's the internet!  You can, too!
 Click Here:   Viking Knitting

Finished Sock

The artist
The fencing around the village was intricate!  A type of weaving with only wood from the area.

While looking for viking knitting I discovered this little clip of Scottish knitters.  Look at those needles!!  And the yarn "woman in gray" is using reminds me of one of the first projects that got me back into knitting in 2006.  I wandered into a little shop in a little village in England, and the proprietor (a man) helped me figured out a complicated array of yarns that could be doubled and used with this crazy stuff that has pieces of paper (which is the best description I can give) hanging off of it.  My daughter thought she wanted the jacket on display, and I did my best. (BR=Before Ravelry)

 I'm sure it got left, intentionally, somewhere since it turned out so fluffy, and, yes, weird!  Or maybe she doesn't have the hot-pants to wear with it!  teehee

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