Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Swans Island

Near our "camp" is the village of Lincolnshire with this picturesque gazebo, and a cache just behind me.  Little did I expect to be caught up with caching on my knitting retreat!  Turns out that hostess with the mostess was very eager and we, of course, were rewarded with experiences that we wouldn't have had sans caches.
Doesn't this just call out "New England"???

And further up the road, on the way to Belfast for the greatest lobster of all time, we stopped at Swans Island Company.  Click on their link only if you have a half hour.  I was SO tempted to buy their goods!  ALL of it.
In the back was the whir of fans and clacking and whirring of machines.  Hand-woven?  I think SO!

This young woman was winding bobbins.  I thought perhaps that was her sole job, but with bobbins in hand, she proceeded to another room and began weaving.
Fortunately for us, we managed to get away with yarn only.  Their seconds yarns were full of "tonal defects".  Tonal defects that we LOVE!!!

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  1. And you saw the weavers at work AFTER buying more weaving yarn!


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