Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Accomplished Knitters

What can you knit in a week?
Here's PM's knitting: It's the bottoms of the front and back of a sweater.  When they are the same size, they are joined to knit in the round.
A knitter with socks, self-knit, of course.  Not knitted this week, but lovely!
And then there's the knitter of the socks, J, with one of her many projects.  This one she plans to keep!
And another knitter with many projects.  The beginning of one of them with the Emily Ocher circular cast-on.  To be the back of a sweater.
And our hostess with the lacy-est of all.  Limits the conversation, doesn't it?
And I with my half a sock, not even half... 
We didn't accomplish a lot of knitting, but it was wonderful having every evening devoted to talking knitting!  I recommend you get some friends together, take them away... our next get-away is in the works!

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