Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A day of peaches

How can you resist?  How can you make time to preserve them?  That's what I asked myself when a box of peaches showed up on the kitchen counter.  AND the neighbor appeared with a small bucket of tomatoes, and green peppers...  And it's true:  When you are busy, more things appear, and ... well, things get done.  
Somehow, working two part-time jobs hasn't slowed down my knitting.  But maybe I'm just fooling myself.  There are an array of UFO's occupying half of the sofa.  And here's one of them:
It's the Yggdrasil blanket.  The center square is finished, and the first braid is marching around the outside.  With 364 stitches to pick on the outer edge, that means at least 320 rows of border knitted at a right angle to the square.  It's looking like a blanket now, except it's all bunched up on a circular needle.  When this border is finished, it will lay flat sans needle, and can be admired.  (Sorry about the nasty dull color.  It's really a nice greenish olive... if you like olives.)
Updated my "miles to go" Knitmeter on September 9.

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