Saturday, March 8, 2014

At Last...

So many people say I knit quickly.  I say I knit a lot!  And the truth is somewhere in between.  However, certain projects just take awhile because I get interested in something else, or another project seems more important, or more suitable to the time of year... At last, I've finished one that has been lingering in a bag, and on the couch, and in view in the living room since last August.
Purchased in September 2012 at the Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario) Knitters' Fair, I should have been more eager, but somehow, it lingered.  And it's a beauty!
I've never knitted so much mosaic!  That's where you knit a garter ridge of one color, and then another garter ridge of the other color.  Modifications were made.

  1. I was undecided about the size.  Bought the L/XL kit and made the smaller size on tighter needles for the body only.  Large for the sleeves.
  2. The collar seemed unnecessarily tall.  I knitted it one-third the height of the pattern.
  3. I used a zipper.  It was supposed to overlap by about 4 inches, but it didn't.  And I really had a hard time imagining that it would hang nicely with only a button at the neck.  Now I'll never know.
I'm delighted to feel how stretchy it is, yet not shapeless.  AND the colors are beyond all expectations. (Colors: Salmon, raspberry and pumpkin. A feast!)
Thanks for the encouragement to use the sleeves and not make it a vest.  The sleeves were knitted first, before the body, and it was a good thing!  
You might want to have a look at my "Finished" page (see in the column to the right) to get a grip on what I've been doing since August....
Don't forget that blankety blank  time change this weekend!  It's especially cruel for someone with an 8 AM commitment on Sunday mornings.

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