Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Time for secrets, and gifts to be made. It's hard to share without giving too much information, but besides:
This, for a little girl.
Using up stashed yarn, and getting dangerously short on white yarn, so the thumb is very colorful.
Pies!  From a pumpkin!  Never did this before.  Six pies total.

In two shifts/days:
A Sock;  someday there will be two... Again: ran out of yarn for the very end of the toe.  This is a great selling point for knitting socks "toe-up".  I'll have to decide whether it's worth it to undo the leg and remove a bit.  
Something for Norway in January!  Stunning!  Pattern is Kilm Gloves from Interweave Knits, Winter 2007.  (Again, awaiting a mate.)
And a LOOONNNGGG term project:  A cardigan for myself.  No rush to finish.  I enjoy the mosaic color method.  The sleeves have a different design than the body.  A true knitter's dream project.
Happy Early Winter!

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  1. OMgoodness, Julia. Such beautiful work. The gloves and the cardigan are stunning. I used to make pies from squash all the time when the kids were small. Such a pioneer I was. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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