Friday, April 12, 2013

To the mountains

What would you do?  Spring has sprung, trees are blossoming, some even have touches of green foliage, the grass is getting a taste of irrigation water, eyes are painfully itchy, the wind is blowing, so...time to escape to winter!  Crazy, but just a few days, and I'll be ready to brave more of the above.
A painfully bright drive over two 10,000 ft passes, to the quiet community of Silverton and I'm ready to listen to the deluge of melting snow following the path of icicles.  It's loud on the metal roof.

The road is clear.

The skiers are happy to have another few runs.

And I'm delighted to be here with longer days. Last November I watched the sun rise and set at the highest peaks of the mountains.  Now it comes up and goes down in valleys with five more hours of light.

New socks finished!

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