Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

NOT!  Spring Knitting, or trying to finish up a few items.  Not much for blogging this month, and I promise there will be less in April, ... and May,.... and... we'll see.  It seems a busy time for me, and I would rather be... outside knitting!
Funny story:  Years ago I saw this beautiful tee at Yarn (Durango), hanging there on a stick or something, catching the light just so that it called out, "Touch me, and you'll be forever mine."   I touched, and it has been mine, forever, or at least for almost FIVE years.  I felt the luxury of bamboo, and I bought the yarn and pattern in the summer of 2008.  I knitted it up in a flash, but never found the right buttons for the front tab.  Instead I found stupid buttons, and I wore it.  I loved the feel, but it didn't love my figure back, so I put it away.  I should have just handed it over to my daughter, who would look gorgeous in it, and have replaced the buttons with something stunning, ... but I didn't.  It languished in my closet, on a shelf.  Then THREE years ago, I decided that was silly.  I'll make something else, like a little dress for my Juju.  I frogged some of it, and used extra balls and completed my little dress.  And it stretched like crazy!  I don't know if that little dress ever got worn, but then a few years later, I looked at the cannibalized tee and decided I wanted it again.  All I had left was the boring stockinette of the body.  (Top down = exciting start, boring finish)  A few weeks ago, I decided to "JUST DO IT", and now I have... a finished tee, NO buttons, and it might be a bit short, but maybe someone with an attractive belly button will wear it.  It still feels YUMMY soft.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Almost Spring Fever!

Where do the weeks go? I know where the next few months will go:

  1. Teaching a crash course from now until May,
  2. Planning a REAL tour of Norway for my friends,
  3. Packing for trip to Norway in May,
  4. Packing for the hub who will be visiting Norway in April,
  5. Yard work,  and 
  6. Startitis!  I finish one and start two. 
Beaded Elegance Socks:
 Finished Striped Thaw Socks:
 On needles: Noro Socks
 Some colors to choose from:
 And the cuff of what I'll use them for:

Friend, EML, contaminated my environment with shared two gorgeous Norwegian knitting books. Full of colorful Norwegian non-traditional patterns. (See above cuff.) Sigh!
A month ago, I made a non binding  pact with myself that I would finish some beautiful projects on needles, and I worked really hard on a pair of socks that were only a toe for 2 years...FINISHED! I alternated with a vest that soon has a 2nd anniversary, and for which I ordered more yarn...and now...I've started two other pairs of socks, and a child's sweater from EML's book. It's a beauty!  Using leftover fingering weight yarn. 
Weaving/loom stands in the corner, patiently.
Tomorrow I have to deal with the time change. 


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