Friday, August 3, 2012


Back in March I was in love with Turkish socks.  I loved the patterns, the colors, the shape... but not so much the tassels.
In fact, I couldn't make toe nor heel of the instructions in the pattern for the tassel.  I skipped it.  And I never wore them, either.
My motivation?  Today, I realized that TOMORROW is the day to turn items in to the San Juan County Fair, and, although I rarely submit things, this year I happen to have a few items just sitting around, finished.  Usually I've sent them off, or have worn them to beyond show worthiness.  And I was appalled that I didn't have any decent socks to show off!  Except my Turks.
I bit the bullet, and decided that no stupid tassel was going to get the best of me, so I re-read, and re-read the instructions, making a tiny bit more sense, and voilá!
I put them on, and feel like kicking up my heels! (again) Those little tassels bounce around, making my legs feel happy!  I wonder what category they will be in for the fair?  "Other"????


  1. Is there an "Awesome" category?

  2. I see 'Best of Show' in your future! Fantastic. So much better with the tassels.

  3. Wow, the tassels just make the socks perfect. They should color coordinate perfectly with your blue ribbon.


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