Saturday, March 24, 2012

Turkish socks

Can you see me kicking up my heels?  (Reference to a Turkish dance.)  Yes, it's getting too warm to wear wool socks, but I had a bout of startitis a few weeks ago, and when it involves using some left over yarn, I put aside several other things to finish these.  
When will I learn?  I'm usually happier with socks that match as identical twins, rather than fraternal, so maybe next time I'll try to fix that.
The red on the left gradually turned to a rust and back again.  It shows up in the foot, then the third large band, the top braid and heel, in that order.  When it repeated itself for the right foot... I should have yanked out a bunch of it to get it back to red,... but I didn't...  By the time I got to the final heel, it still wasn't red again.
Maybe I'll make another fraternal pair!  Fat chance at identical... two other yarns have long striping repeats (blue and yellow) and it would be my luck to run out of something, completely.
After much head scratching over the directions for making a snazzy tassel to hang from the upper edge, I scratched it.  I mean, REALLY!  Does it need more?
Turkish Socks by Anna Zilboorg from Knitting Traditions, Winter 2010

Yarns:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, Regia Design Line Hand-Dyed Effect by Kaffe Fassett, Regia Lace (doubled), Zwerger Garn Opal Hundertwasser Cotton, Lanett by Sandnesgarn.  


  1. Turkish socks totally require a tassle. No excuses.

  2. They are lovely, and you don't miss the tassels, do you. Perfect the way they are!

  3. Fraternal or identical, those socks are amazing and looks quite complicated. I get how you feel about them, I like symmetry too and try to match everything as much as possible, but sometimes it's not possible. It's interesting that not matching knitted items only annoys me if I made them, if others made them than I find them cute. So as a fellow symmetry fanatic, I tell you, there's nothing wrong with those socks!


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