Thursday, July 5, 2012

Settling down for the Summer

I just looked back and realize that you've all had quite a reprieve-- April, May and June, # of blogs: 7-2-6.  I haven't felt like it, I know that for sure, and I've been a bit busy and... away.  Away from my computer and desk, it just isn't the same.
With my nine fingers, I've been pretty active and if you've noticed that July has 5 blogs in as many days, well, it sounds like you're in for it!
Finger update:  4 weeks and counting.  Doctor originally said 8 weeks and I'll be seeing him next week for week 5 check up.  No change in bandages.
Chopsticks are a real problem.
Today I finished the binding off of the second pair of wedding socks.  The knitting could have been finished weeks ago, but I saved it for my 10 hour flight yesterday.
 It's a nice zig-zag pattern, and this is a tiny compass peeking out of its pocket.
I've given them a life-time guarantee.  I guess that would be MY lifetime.
For more info on yarn and pattern see this blog post.

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