Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wedding - Done; Gift - Not done

It's coming!  Now it's up to the bridegroom to give me the thumbs up or down about sizing.  Here's what they have, so far:

Three socks, two for bride which I am quite sure will fit, and a third sock for the groom.  I usually don't knit for men, so this was scary big... 
The odd gimmick for these socks is that one sock in each pair has a knitted pocket on the leg that houses a compass. These young newly weds are athletic musicians, and biking is a big part of their lives.  I'm not sure the compass will stay in there, and if it doesn't, it's OK.  Not that useful, I suspect, just to go with the theme:  Find Your Way Home.
The pattern: Find Your Way Home by Wendy Gaal from Think Outside the Sox
The Yarn: Strumpfgarn TOM Cotton by Bärengarne, Fingering / 4 ply Wool, Nylon, Cotton, 454 yards / 100 grams
I knitted one sock with the pattern, and found the heel to be crazy-shaped.  After that, I ripped back and made them all according to how I thought they should be, with short-row heels.  I was on such a knitting tear to get them done (the fourth and final sock is up to the heel, and waiting) that I never bothered to examine the pattern.  It may be incorrect, or I can't read while rafting...

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  1. I thought perhaps a compass to guide them through married life.


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