Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sock Report

My carry-along sock:  Coming along... s...l...o...w...l...y...
It accompanies me many places.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Here, A Little There...

I'm not very "stick-to-it" this...week/month/year.  That's why I have so many projects and some SO close to finishing.
But the best news:  I'm typing this morning and suddenly realizing I'm using my left pinky, too!  For the past 40 hours, I've been letting it do its own thing, but being careful to NOT use it, like nine finger typing and no piano keys.  Today, I will take another giant step and see if it can play organ keys.  And maybe even piano keys, although I've learned a bunch of pieces for Sunday without it... Maybe I should just forget about that last part.
UNfortunately, it pains me the most when I'm knitting.  Bending and curling is the most uncomfortable and I've discovered that when knitting I position my pinky curled under the other fingers (for support?) and it gets really sore.  It was straight for 7 weeks...  It's getting better!
What have I knitted?

Side A of #3
Not easy to wear THIS sock!

  1. I've finished the pants (Hello, Kitty), sewn the ears and bow on;  needs a face.
  2. Completed the heel of my stripe sock, erm... one sock.  (Toe up)
  3. Almost completed the heel FOR THE SECOND TIME on my double-knit sock. (See above.) This one is a challenge.  When I thought I was finished with the heel the first time, I discovered I had crossed the yarns AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHORT ROWS and had to rip it all out and...carefully pick up the stitches.  (Double knitting:  Both sides of the sock are on one needle, alternating colors.  If the yarn twists, it's REALLY difficult to notice until it's rows past the mistake.
  4. And I'm still intrigued with designs by chart (Cookie A) on one sock.  It's top down and I've completed about 4 inches.  It's so much fun to see patterns...
Side B of #3
More info on my Ravelry page.  Knit Knight To-Knight!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finger News!

I "graduated"!  I'm wearing the splint only at night.  Using that pinky as much as it will allow.
It's stiff, and should be good in a month...
I broke it on May 19, got to the doctor and started wearing the splint on June 5.  Took it off and "tried to flex" on July 23.
It doesn't want to bend more than this, and I'm not forcing it to... yet!
Can I play piano or organ?  Haven't tried organ, but I have gently played a few keys... not music.  I mean, if I start to play by reading and forget about the finger and let it do something natural, I'm not
sure what it will do or what will happen.  For the next few days or a week, I'll wear the splint while playing.                 

Monday, July 23, 2012

In spite of myself...

Even though I try to thwart all attempts at finishing projects, I'm inching "that" much closer to the final stage of Hello, Kitty, Pants!  The face and ends are left:
Our little girl is growing so these are 65 cm/25-1/2 inches long.  I hope they will fit in the Fall.  Extenders can be knitted upon request!
All of those stripes means I had some snarly messes because I resisted cutting the yarn.  I tried to make the stripes as jogless as I could.  As I started the second round of a new color, I slipped the first stitch.  Technically, it should make that inseam about 20 rows shorter than all the other stitches, but it seems to give/stretch and work!
Sometimes cutting the yarn couldn't be avoided...  and in the middle of the leg (as opposed to the seam) I was able to cut one thread instead of two.  (FYI:  Knitted with double strand of fingering weight; DROPS Baby Merino)
With several pairs of socks, and a sweater and a shawl all in progress, I'm now more tempted to finish this off... Knitted ears and bow are next.

Friday, July 20, 2012

We are SO alike!

Pirated from another blog.

I have to watch this three or four times... I love looking at myself!
Disclaimer:  It's not really me, but it could be!

And if this tickles your wool, have a look at Panopticon's chart for Knitting or Buying a gift.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Week Later, Knit Nite

We met last week, and I remembered to pull out the camera, though there was SOOOO much scattered chatter thought provoking discussion that I nearly missed my chance!
Here's Elly-boo trying to scare us with stories of grand theft auto:
 She assured us she had a pattern, so I guess she's OK!

Elly-boo's pattern
Then Kooky Gran tuned into Face Time so Kooky Granddaughter could share from afar, and here she is trying on a tank top... uh, I don't think it's going to fit!
 Then Jeebie taught Newbie how to knit, and Newbie got many more stitches completed than the rest of us combined!  Really, Jeebie looks a bit miffed, but she did a great job and deserved to relax.

 In fact, she was knitting:  Knucks!  LOVE that colorway!

Then we have the perpetual projects team:
Beebie with her shawl, blanket, scarf,  throw, ahem, ??  What DO we call it?  A summer top?  We're waiting for the modeling session.
 And Beebie's inspiration:  Deedee, with the scarf that is too long for the picture!  How many times does it wrap around?  Is it a contest???  LOL
 Welcome, Newbie!  Hope we didn't scare you off...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Rough Weekend

It's not Monday, or Tuesday,... but that should tell you that it was a rough weekend.  And to prove it, here's how I handled it:
I cast on:
That was Saturday, and I (partially) blame Ravelry.  I was fooling around, looking at what patterns I have in my library, and suddenly I was clicking and running for needles and yarn, and... and...  now I have a shawl started.  It was stunning in the pictures, I have LOTS of lace weight yarn in my stash, and isn't this interesting?  It starts at one end rather than at the the top or bottom.  It's called Charybdis Shawl.  I'm in love...
Charybdis or Kharybdis GreekΧάρυβδις) was a sea monster, later rationalised as a whirlpool and considered a shipping hazard in the Strait of Messina.
Then on Sunday,
I guess I was doing the same and feeling like 3 socks on needles wasn't enough, so I cast on, because I could!  And partially because it's from Knit. Sock. Love. and I'm a Cookie A fan.
I call it Summer Hysteria Variety!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I thought... I was finished

Thursday, I was blocking my mock smock dress.  Usually our "DRY" heat in the SW makes this a short process, but we've been having T-storms every afternoon, and the humidity has been up to 60%, so I let it rest overnight.  Friday morning, I turned it over, and ... ... a dropped stitch.
Look at that little bugger, almost too far down to catch.  I guess that's the "good news".  I trapped it (thinking: "Remember when you got to the top and one of the panels had fewer stitches? And you shrugged your shoulders and decreased one less there? Stoopid.) and
took out a crochet hook...
and there it is.  I haven't yet, but in the near future I'll pull it to the back side and sew it down.  Heart palpitations just went up a bit... but it will be all right.  My mantra:  A Three-year-old doesn't stand still very long!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Passing On

Remembering Connie: 1947-2012 She was a sturdy, independent, blonde who was in charge of her life. Intelligence driven, creative, and curious. A distinctive voice in timbre and a champion of the Arts. If you've ever heard her interview someone, or been interviewed by her, you know what an art form she had mastered. She left a legacy of photographs and literature. She took with her a massive knowledge of history, culture, and puns (intended). The radio air waves will miss her, and her friends will be reminded of her by her support of the future of the arts in a remote corner of New Mexico. Thank you, Connie.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hmm. This is me...

I followed a link from another blog, and this is what came up.  Anyone know me?  What do you think?

Your Organization Personality is:
You are the Schoolteacher
key traits
  • Predictable and reliable
  • Structured, but not afraid of spontaneity
  • A rule-follower
Try it:  http://www.bhg.com/decorating/storage/quiz/
Of course, they are selling...but it was fun!  And you don't have to buy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready for my little girl

In size 4T
All I have to do is keep the cat off of it.  He likes to claw these foam pads - BAD cat.
I think it will be nice, especially if I can find a shirt for under it.

Smocked Sweetheart Dress by Vanessa Ewing from Creative Knitting, January 2011
220 Superwash by Cascade Yarns, Worsted / 10 ply, 100% Wool, 220 yards / 100 grams

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How do you knit in the heat?

I feel very sorry for all of you, especially last week when the country was HOT HOT HOT, and for some crazy reason, NM wasn't.  We've been having rain almost every afternoon, and enjoying mountain-like temperatures.  I'm not complaining!  And I've been knitting.
A little of this and a little of that...
And here's what I finished today, though it could use a little blocking, tomorrow!
 It's a cute dress in size 4T, that will be perfect for Fall (which means for folks in Norway - August).  It's a "mock smock" stitch, and I like!
The neckline as written was too stretchy and just down-right big, so I ripped it out and decreased like crazy... More another day, with a full length photo.  No model until September!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nine fingers

I feel a little guilty that my blog is "Yarn" heavy, and "Ivories" doesn't get equal time, but that's life around here.  As I think about it, I've had ivories in my life since 1954, and yarn... hard to pinpoint, but it came a little later (still, it was in the late '50's).
Now I have news about "Ivories" since 5 weeks ago I started using nine fingers instead of ten.  It's been a long standing habit I've created for myself, of using and depending on ten fingers but I've amazed myself at making nine work.
Yesterday I played 4 hymns (and 15 verses), a prelude (Battle Hymn Tribute, pictured above), an offertory (Elegy), and a short postlude (short variations on hymn tunes).  This was all on organ where notes need to be connected one to the other by slipping from one note to the next, holding them down until the next is played, and since my left pinky is out of commission, the pedals cover nicely the lower notes.  It works!!  I particularly liked the Battle Hymn Tribute by Behnke because it starts and ends with Amazing Grace.  People like it because they have to like one of the two tunes, and if they like quiet music or loud, it has both.
Yesterday was also my debut playing piano (haven't played since early May and never with nine fingers).  I originally said-- NO WAY!  Then I tried the piece for women's ensemble, and it wasn't half bad.  A minimum of octaves (pictured below) and the last verse was "a capella", my favorite!!  I cheated skirted around most octaves to begin with, but by the third service (and third performance) I got braver and found I was reaching more notes.

I've come to grips with how old my hands look... so I'm leaving this untouched photo in.  Not all hand shots are this flattering... :)
One amusing glitch yesterday:  As I was turning a page with my left hand (and covering music with my other appendages) I made a loud cracking noise as my plastic splint hit the music desk.  It startled me, but I guess I was playing loudly and no one else noticed!

Friday, July 6, 2012

End of week Wrap-Up

A week ago I was doing two of my favorite things; Spending time with my favorite girls and knitting a new project.
Hello Kitty!
Do you think toddlers prefer a theme? I don't. I think themes and logos are imprinted on young minds, and at age three, everything is so interesting, there's no manic attachment that can't be replaced by another.  (I welcome your comment, Marija.)
 Even so, Grandma has been swept up by the craze and has started knitting Hello Kitty pants. Wool pants in July? Yes, since my 3 year old might need them in August or certainly in September. Hello Kitty? Yes, to accompany her socks and shoes. (Socks, certainly, but shoes are outgrown in two months.) White? Yes, that is craziness.
 But, washable, and used mostly inside or under rain pants and snow pants. A Hello Kitty face gets embroidered on the bum, and those are eyelets in the waist band for a drawstring.  (Click on images for a closer look.)
Cute? Yes, on my Norwegian model... Can't go wrong!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Settling down for the Summer

I just looked back and realize that you've all had quite a reprieve-- April, May and June, # of blogs: 7-2-6.  I haven't felt like it, I know that for sure, and I've been a bit busy and... away.  Away from my computer and desk, it just isn't the same.
With my nine fingers, I've been pretty active and if you've noticed that July has 5 blogs in as many days, well, it sounds like you're in for it!
Finger update:  4 weeks and counting.  Doctor originally said 8 weeks and I'll be seeing him next week for week 5 check up.  No change in bandages.
Chopsticks are a real problem.
Today I finished the binding off of the second pair of wedding socks.  The knitting could have been finished weeks ago, but I saved it for my 10 hour flight yesterday.
 It's a nice zig-zag pattern, and this is a tiny compass peeking out of its pocket.
I've given them a life-time guarantee.  I guess that would be MY lifetime.
For more info on yarn and pattern see this blog post.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lemon pie

Everyone, attention now... My yearly attempt to bake has just passed. It came quickly upon me, and is gone again. Ever since H tasted my previous attempt (two years ago) to assemble a decent lemon meringue pie and exclaimed he'd be happy to have it again, I've threatened to repeat my "attempt". It's always an attempt when baking something as American as pie in Norway.
First there is no pie pan, which I find distressing. (I have carried pie pans in my luggage which arrived squished, and once I built one from foil.) And then the crust, no ready-to-roll-out refrigerated crust here, nor Crisco product, which is the only way I feel comfortable making a crust from scratch. (I've tried butter and lard, but I really fail without the pastry blender/cutter.)  Then there's the egg white meringue etc. Why? Why do I do it? To dirty every dish and most of the apartment? Maybe. It turns out...rather well.
Above you see this year's attempt. Perfect little muffin shaped tarts (using a package of dry pie mix intended for quiche) with a perfect meringue if your expectation isn't typical American topping. I guess it baked at too low temperature for too long time, and they turned into Meringues. Nothing wrong with that! Made ten pieces and ...well, they are long gone. Maybe I'll try it at home. No excuses there!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yarn and shopping

I really like DROPS yarn.  The tactile experience makes me crazy... but in this case, my daughter steered me to something with Hello Kitty on it.  It's going to be wool pants with Hello Kitty on the backside.  It will be adorable, but WHITE!  

Washable, and worn inside or outside under snow pants.  
I have a good start on them,  and I've put a temporary face on it, hoping to attract some interest from a three year old.  Not very successful, so far.
The legs will be stripes of white, pink and fuchsia.  
My other projects:  Wedding socks--almost finished.  Saved to finish the last sock while traveling.
Smocked dress for toddler--came to where I ran out of yarn!  I don't know why, but I brought only 2 balls of that.  (Kicking myself - I could have finished it...and left it here instead of making it travel trans-Atlantic a few more times.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bag Business

A cute bag from the cutest of prints! Who recognizes the formulas? Hint: think apples

Sunday, July 1, 2012


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