Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where I at?

Honestly! Not only have I been busy this week, but I also ignore written instructions. My dyslexia kicked in. As I was knitting away on this tank top, I thought to myself... odd, the shaping at the side seams.  I've never seen one that expands the sides and decreases as you get to the arm opening.  I decided to read ahead in the pattern because I had a moment of panic where you find one of those "meanwhile, or at the same time" phrases. No such luck, but what I did find was that I  had reversed the decreases and increases. Not encrypted, plain English:  decrease, increase... yet I chose to read something else. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this top would be perfect for pregnancy, but not boobs. I'm up to about 30 cm and I have to rip it back to 8 cm. (See steam coming out of my ears.)
Head down... breathe.
This piece has a deadline in mid-May, so all other projects are on hold.

Audreyby Elsebeth Lavoldfrom Book Four: The Sophisticated Lady Collection


  1. Ohhhh, I'm sorry! I've certainly done stuff like that before, and it hurts. I hope it goes quickly once you start reknitting!

    1. Oh, it does! Decreasing first means I have fewer stitches!! Hooray! I'm catching up.

  2. Ouch! Just breethe. It will knit up faster the second time around.


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