Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm not motivated to share lately.  Hopefully it will pass.
Here's an update on the knitting fringe:
I STILL love my Dahlia.
I haven't LOOKED at all of my many socks on needles... for a month.
My mid-May tank top is aaallllmost finished.  To the point where I've put it down and started another sweater I had hibernating.
Hibernation awakening:  Sound Bytes from Interweave Knits.  I'm curious.  I REALLY liked it until I started it and realized the amount of 'picking up stitches'.  I'd rather seam, thank you!

I'm going rafting!  Grand Canyon! 18 days of no contact with outside world.  Why is that such a stretch when it was life 10 years ago? Knitting will be done!  I'll be knitting socks... on the rapids!


  1. Oh wow! 18 days of rafting. I. am. so.jealous.....

  2. 18 days away sounds so good! Have a nice time! I would so trade places with you.


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