Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Something finished!
Remember my moaning and groaning about the sweater that won't fit, hangs funny, should go back in the stash...?  Well, here it is.
Before blocking:
The Penguin
Needs a pull down

Don't worry, I fixed the jog on the left.

After blocking:

Do I look happy?  Well, yes I am!!!!!  Such a relief after months of angst.  
On top of the worries of how it will fit, I came home last night to my blocked sweater covered by a blanket on the kitchen counter. (!!!)  I knew exactly what had happened.  A few weeks ago, from another room I could hear a popping sound in the kitchen.  After a few moments of deciding it was worth putting down my knitting and going to investigate, I found my yellow cat on top of my pinned shawl, on the same counter where I do all of my blocking.  He was behaving like he was high on catnip and exercising his claws in the plastic blocking pads.  I was furious, of course, and he took off like a shot.  I examined the shawl and found NO pulls.  THAT was totally unexpected.  When the shawl was removed, there were several punctures to the blocks, but no real damage.  Last night, I assumed there had been a repeat performance... and my hub described the same thing, plus there WERE pulls in the sweater.  And I was furious again.  This is one giant snag, plus a second lesser one, and somehow the cat had arranged the wire rod to be poking through...
I assured my hub that I could fix it, and with a pin, I pulled the snag back into stitches, and then... I put it on.  Nice.  (The block underneath have more damage.)
Below was an alternate ending to this story.  I wrote it 2 days ago.  I retract it!   This Dahlia is mine, ALL mine... :D
I have another option:  Giving it up for adoption OR trade!  There is another one of my sweaters out there that I really kind of liked, and I hoped that this one would replace.  Maybe someone (ahem C) would like this one...??


  1. It's beautiful! Blocking is magic.

  2. It is gorgeous! I'm glad you are keeping it because I will get to admire it often!

  3. Beautiful! Great fit, great sweater! Great knitting!

  4. It's amazing what blocking can do! Congrats on your beautiful cardi!


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