Monday, April 2, 2012

Blocks Devine

Because I can...
I was fooling around, and wishing I had something to knit with my leftover yarns.
I found this pattern (Mitered Corners) I bought years ago after taking a class with Valentina Devine.  She's a free spirit/thinker/knitter.  She imparted the following knowledge:  Find a sweater you like, weigh it, and then assemble your yarn according to weight. (Or something like that.  The same goes with colors and shape.)
Valentina's patterns are mostly geometric.  During that class, we started at the middle of a block, and kept adding colors, and turning until we each had.. a square.  Here are some examples:

Valentina was very creative about using the tails of yarn.  This is something I had forgotten until I pulled these pieces off the shelf.
I ran into Valentina a second time at a rug festival.  Somehow she had convinced the organizers that she should be included as a vendor.  She was crocheting wrist warmers with bits of yarn.. again a stash buster!
Back to my jacket pattern, the directions indicate that you should make a block, measure it, and decide how many more you'll need for whatever you had in mind to make. Sounds easy enough!  The pattern is labeled as a jacket or coat.  My yarn is super bulky, and I think if (IF) I ever make enough for a coat or jacket, it should be lined with something silky.  Suddenly I'm feeling electric shocks... silk and wool.  That's for the future.  Maybe I can weave in the ends enough to be satisfied without a lining.
Stash busting, I'm using Dale of Norway Hubro (olive) and a dismantled New Zealand artsy sweater that was my daughter's.  It was made of uneven, multi-browns, with side seams.  There are lots of pieces of wool, but since it's so uneven, it's very easy to overlap and connect into longer pieces.
Lucky for me, I won't need it until November--7 months to fool around!


  1. I'll be intereseted to see you 'coat'. That is the kind of knitting that I don't do well. I leave it to you creative types.

  2. Love it. Have fun. I keep thinking of Celina's "pot holder" assessment. Hmmppphhh! What does she know? I think it could be awesome.


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