Monday, March 12, 2012

Socks, and more Socks

Just when I could be focusing on something to finish, I start TWO, not one, TWO new pairs of socks.  I know, I had it in my mind just yesterday that I would set up my loom which has been in pieces for 25 years...  And I start TWO pair of socks.
One is just too beautiful:  Turkish Socks from Knitting Traditions, 2 years ago.  I admired them then, and I just felt like it.  Twice.  The first color combination didn't do it.
 Too much variety is each color, so I started again with two solids.
The second time casting on the toe went MUCH faster!  I pretended I knew what I was doing...
Two is for down time.  I found all 6 projects on needles are either too big to carry around or require too much attention to accompany me around town.  My number two cast on is upper left, self-striping.
My third pair is really a pair:  Argyle style from Think Outside the Sox.  Now I have a choice:  Three projects of socks to choose!  Lucky me.

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