Saturday, March 3, 2012

Optimism Every Two Weeks

Last Thursday, we met.  Every two weeks we meet.  Sometimes it's three, and sometimes only one week... to feed our knitting urges for support, lively conversation, and a row or two.
Usually, I get my camera out and go around the room while everyone proudly displays their progress.  I don't know what happened last Thursday, maybe the jet lag, let's say that's it... I sat chatting wildly about the past month, and then moments of near coma would overtake me.
Next to me was something that was truly unique.  Even though the hostess put a sign on the door "NO crocheters allowed", Lee managed to slip by.  Oh, wait!  The sign was posted AFTER Lee arrived!  LOL
So that's how it happened:  Lee, who proudly knits with and without antique sock machine, was creating a HAT, out of PAPER, and CROCHETING!  What a rebel...
Gorgeous.  In MY color, too... ahem...
Yes, using raffia.  A sinister grin, too... Rebel!
And then, instead of continuing around the room to admire

  1. The unfinished baby sweater turned hat,
  2. Someone who appeared to NOT knit a stitch,
  3. Perpetual two-at-a-time socks, which are definitely different from 2 weeks ago, and will be other socks in two weeks,
  4. A huge, almost finished shawl/wrap, too complicated to be knitted in public, and
  5. A scarf with holes (for ribbon, silly), that I know I saw in January or before,
I put the camera away.  Jet lag, I tell you.  That's why I can't sleep past 4 AM.
Then, almost everyone was gone, and Bee pulls out her never-ending scarf project, photographed numerous times before... from last September, we've seen it at every 2 week interval... and her please help me eyes.
It's finished!!  Isn't it, Bee?  At the time of this picture, 2 days ago, all but the finishing little triangle was finished... and a little bit of Plan A yarn attached.  I'm waiting eagerly to hear if a Plan B was needed. LOL
It's a beauty!

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