Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old and New

Being away the month of February, has caused that month to become the watershed for old and new projects.
This one, is old and new:  My KAL Polaris Shawl.  I presume no one is 'knitting along' so it's all mine now!
History:  Started as KAL, and kept up, finished, but just before blocking I noticed that the cast on edge was not loose enough to accommodate the lovely points that were intended.  I was sure of it because I had recently finished another Susanna IC shawl with exact same result.  NO points.
I decided to keep the first shawl/scarf and I love it - color, yarn, beads, ... all of it.  And I wear it proudly around my neck... with no points.
Polaris... You have to tow the line... Points you will have!
Here's what's left of version 1:
It was once a complete shawl, like this:
And now I have this:
Those points are going to POP! Or else, I'll be having a very bad day...
I have a few more of the short rows, though they are the longest of the short rows, and then the top border.  No deadline... and five other projects on needles, all calling out to me!

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