Thursday, March 1, 2012

Knitting on the go

Being away from home for a month involves planning. Not just an itinerary but for me, my hobbies tag along. My knitting was carefully chosen for air travel. It has to be only one skein and complicated enough to make boring hours pass quickly, and yet easy enough to be followed in a cramped space. My solution, was to start something just before I left: A vest where each row has a complicated border along one edge which needs a chart, followed by stockinette for the remaining 7/8 of the row.

The vest is knitted starting at the front edge opening (left) and around the back ending with the other front edge. Each row is vertical instead of the expected horizontal bottom to top. The pattern is really more complicated than I remembered. It's from a sock pattern, asymmetrical, and a long repeat that uses an A B pattern repeated as B A and repeats over and over reaches around my girth. The pattern is further complicated by knitting it flat instead of circular for the sock. Cables, twisted stitches, one 2-cable-needles cross-over, and well, I can't memorize it. I love the colors. I got the idea from the Not Just Socks book which uses self-striping yarns. It's very low on my priority list but perfect for now. You may not see this finished until I take another trip!


  1. Replies
    1. Regia hand-dye Effect. Just as nice but softer and lighter.

    2. Nice! Very pretty. I need to get going on my kauni project...


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