Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giving up?

I cast on last August. Seven months ago I fell in love again. With the Dahlia cardigan. I realize now that I fell in love with the Dahlia pattern back. Not so much the front. The back is knitted first and is so interesting and rewarding... Then comes the stockinette, forever. The top the bottom the sides the collar and the sleeves. Just now I'm pleasantly surprised to find that there's a tiny bit of lace pattern on each sleeve. Yay!

Only after all these months I get to try it on. No way of knowing what's what until the body is completed and the arm holes are opened up. That was the shocker: The front. It looks like ... Crap!

 I convinced myself that blocking will be the answer and solve all the ugliness. So I soldiered on, knitting a sleeve, and not liking the join at the top of the sleeve to the shoulder. How can that fit?
I tried it on again, and then I went to Ravelry to see what others thought and have done. My conclusion is to finish the .... thing and block it and pretend it's fine. If I can't wear it, it will rest in my stash.
 Gosh, I LOVE that yarn. Yummy Drops alpaca. At least that's not gone! Just my time.
By the way, someone used the dahlia back in another long coat-like pattern that looks great! I guess I could rescue the back and start another pattern...
The drappy front.  
And I don't mean to bad-mouth this pattern. I bet it looks great on long lean bodies. Not mine. The pattern even includes three variations of how to wrap the front into different styles. Until it's blocked, I won't know.


  1. Serena has one OTN, and she thinks once you can drape it around you'll be happier. I hope so. My Linsey sweater is shaped like that, only longer. And you know I am Not a "long, lean body.". And I actually like mine, and I get compliments on it.

    It is almost weather here for it, and it is a summer sweater!

  2. If you like the lace pattern on the back but not the cardigan itself, maybe you could knit 3 backs and sew them together with kitchener stitch in a V shape to have a lovely odd shaped shawl. Or you could knit 2 backs and use one as front to make a lacy drop shoulder tunic.


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