Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bad Behaviors

Yes, it was Knit Nite again.
Finished and BEADS, Beautiful!

A lot of laughing, a little knitting, somewhere in between there was eating and drinking.  As I reflect on it, two days later, I can see many similarities to Vegas!
Bringing me to the first topic:  MEBE isn't allowed to go to Vegas.  She's been lucky before, but now she has to be chaperoned;  a pact was made to avoid accidental marriages, you see...  What marriage isn't accidental?  OK, this comes from some "old-timers".
More Fingerless Gloves

Great yarn, and ... is that a swatch?

And then there was the swatch!  SEEME was knitting... a SWATCH!

Ol' four  six eyes!  When one pair isn't enough. LOL
 My bad... I nearly jumped out of my seat and down her throat.  And she thought she was being a good girl.  I'm sorry, publicly apologizing, for questioning her motive.  She just wanted to see what it looked like!

What about online dating?  Who should fill out the form, and can you be more than 38% complete?  I say, 38% is enough!  What else should they know?
Sheep in Progress; NOT crocheted!
Two movers and shakers of our group decided that it was best to arrive without knitting rather than not come at all (or late).  How does that feel?  Comforting?  I think they were hiding UFO's.  They couldn't bear another photo session of the same project.  I guess we'll just have to take their excuses at face value...
Bed time! or "What happened to my shawl?"  How beautiful is that!
I love you all!


  1. It was a very hilarious evening. I think there was even some knitting being accomplished! Good to have you back!

  2. Hee Hee. Your friend with thee two pair of glasses could be my twin. I do that too at times when extra vision is required.


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