Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cupcake Mittens

Do I dare blog one more time about these mittens?  Comment all you like, but they will be finished WITH a funny crease across the back of the hand.
Instructions:  Pick up stitches across the back and knit.  This is the beginning of the mitten flap that covers the fingertips.  I don't know why the pick up bit is so pronounced... Here's the other side.
The ribbing gets sewn to the side seams.  There's really no 'seams' but it gets sewn where the seams would be, if there were side seams...

Meanwhile, I watched Roy demonstrating Navajo rug weaving at the Totah Festival annual event.
Lightning-fast wrist action as he beats the wool into place.
My keen eye picked up the familiar pattern, and he admitted that it's the same rug as last year.  It's been rolled up and put away since last September.  It confirmed that projects do not need to be finished.  SMILE!!

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  1. Oh, those never ending stories... I have a sweater that I'm "knitting" since years, the body is done, sewed together, now I should make the sleeves... Unfortunately it's too warm to use it as a sleeveless top. I have no idea why I can't make myself to finish it, it's a nonsense.


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