Monday, September 6, 2010

New Faces!

Inspirational bead work:
Miss Indian Farmington
Inspirational weaver:
Weaving demonstration
I was assigned a volunteer job 10 feet away from Roy so we became friends of fiber for 3 hours.  I knitted, people ignored me, while crowds gathered around Roy to watch quietly, sometimes asking the question we most often get:  How long will it take you to finish?
His exhibit included stories and history of weaving, his own stories and traditional.
I was particularly interested curious about the wonderful colors from the natural dyes.  Not so much that I would ever think of doing it myself, of course.

The logwood color in the center was a wonderful, creamy and earthy hue not often seen in rug weaving.

Roy's sheep called him several times... the ringtone on his cell phone started softly with a few sheep "baa-ing" and they got hungrier and more insistent if they were ignored.  It was a nice touch to the ambience!  He said, "I fed them this morning..."


  1. That looks like sooo much fun. Lovley weather it appears form the pics. A sheep-tone ring. How great is that!


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