Saturday, August 20, 2011

Re-useable Yarn!

One of the nicest things about creating with yarn is its resiliency.  I'm a thrifty daughter-of-a-scot, and my father had quite the reputation for being able to assemble workable farm equipment from parts.  Very ... thrifty!  I'm sure he kept many tractors from the salvage/landfill yards, just as I'm keeping wool from the compactor!
 It started last June as my daughter pointed out that she didn't need another purple scarf and I was involved in the fascinating pattern of reverse (or two-sided) cables, and knitting up her yummy cashmere.  
I 'know' I have a picture, but the only one I can find is here, on Ravelry.
It was a lovely scarf;  errr... Two scarves!  I had one almost complete, and my daughter had made one of the same yarn years earlier. 

Using the yarn doubled, it makes a nice squishy cashmere vest:  (unfinished)

The pattern is "Eco Vest" and the next step is to add front panels and collar.  Alas, it will be an 'alternative' yarn, because I don't have any more cashmere...  Even though this sounds very familiar (see yesterday's blog), I fully was aware of this.  When I started it in June, I knew I wouldn't have enough and bought an alternative yarn.
Almost as yummy and squishy:

That was purchased 2 months ago, and almost immediately I found myself taking the sleeves off another purple sweater, making it a vest, and the sleeves... well, here's another re-useable yarn.  I have unraveled one sleeve since I'm not sure I'll need both.  This is the third or thirteenth most yummy of yarns:  Elsebeth Lavold's Angora.
By using once knitted cashmere and once knitted angora, I'll have taken "Eco Vest" to the next level of Ecology!  N'est ce pas?

Link to My previous Blog on this project!



  1. Absoluement! the next level for sure.

  2. This is one of the things I like the most in knitting.


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