Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crossing the Prime Meridian

This yarn has crossed the prime meridian three times.
A lousy picture of such beautiful yarn:  Mongolian Cashmere, is a delicate lilac.  Purchased in Colorado, flew to Norway, back to NM and now resides in Norway again.  I'm trying my best to be sensible about this.  I love to knit.  I love to start new things.  I love to shop for yarn... and plan new projects.  Somehow this yarn has languished in a bag/box for years waiting for just the right project.  C has already used some of it for a scarf.  One of many scarves that are needed in Norway, it still has languished among other scarves because of a minor defect.  It can be overlooked because the yarn itself carries the beauty of the scarf.  I was unaware of this scarf.  I only saw the skeins of unknitted goodness, and longed to help it mature into a garment that could be caressed and appreciated for its wonderful qualities.  So I did this:
My lovely reversible cables... all smooshy, and touchable.
It now measures 114 cm/44 inches long, and needs another skein to be complete.
I really like this pattern and the yarn... and...  I've decided to frog it.  Yes.  Fine (as in music-talk).  It came about when my daughter gently explained that I needed to stop the madness--she has numerous hats, gloves, mittens and... scarves.  Too many to wear? I ask.  She admits that she likes having lots to choose from.  After all, scarves are worn most months, year round.  (Two days ago, I kicked myself for forgetting to wear my Europa shawl around my neck-- it was a particularly chilly wind, and bordered on rain.)
But my main motivation for frogging a beautiful scarf, and getting consent to frog the first scarf that has been worn, and knitted by my daughter, is I found a pattern! 
I'm on my way... several rows into it, with cables and texture, using this cashmere doubled, I like what I see, and it will be just as nice to touch.  It's this pattern in Ravelry, and it was a free download from Knitting Daily.   Interesting name too:  Eco Vest.  Exactly what makes it "eco" is probably the yarn I'm NOT using, but it's a lovely pattern.
I have a little less than three weeks to prevent it from making two more crossings of the prime meridian: Losing hours, and gaining hours, it's just too much to be expected of this lovely yarn.  I will attempt to refrain from knitting on another project that I brought with me, and from the other two toddler sweaters purchased today.  I tell you, it's quite the temptation here!!

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  1. Thank you for this link. We have that book at the store and I have looked longingly at the vest but didn't want to buy the book for the one pattern. So THANK YOU for the link. Hope you are having a wonderful time with your daughter.


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