Monday, August 22, 2011

Mittens Over and Over Again

Remember last March?  The infamous contest to finish 3 projects?  And nothing got done?  I exaggerate:  One got finished on the deadline, number 2 finished about a month ago, and number 3?....  It's turned into a saga.  The cupcake mittens re-invented to include a clever convertible flap.
I have great respect for designers, and pattern creators, but this is getting ridiculous:  I have planned, measured and knitted those mittens through the thumb increase twice, and am hoping beyond all hopes that "three times' a charm".  This time, I'm salvaging the ribbed cuff.  I don't remember why it didn't work out last time, but last night I discovered that the thumb increase wasn't the only thing that made them look gigantic... it's got to be the stitch count.  One less cupcake on front and back... I'll be done by.... March 2012.  Oh, my!!
And for those 'in the know', the masked blogger is back.

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