Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time with a Toddler

For the next few weeks, a toddler will be living at my house!  How much knitting do you think I'll get done by March 16?  I have three things that I would 'like' to get done by that date. And by 'like' I mean I intend to send them off with their recipients that day.  Is this craziness?  If you would like a prize of your own, I'm running a contest!  I have 3 lovely tea towels from around the world that I will send to those who guess correctly the stage of each project on March 16th.
Contest #1:  The Mittens.  Cupcake Convertible Mittens as seen on Ravelry. (All links are to Ravelry.)  This is using the colorwork from the cupcake mittens and with the knitting pattern Broad Street.  Here's what they (er, only the first one) look(s) like today:
First mitten up to stitches being held for thumb
Contest #2:  The Scarf.  A double-knitted scarf with Kauni.  This is going to be tricky, but guess how long it will be by March 16.  (I don't know myself, yet!)
4-1/2 inches long
Contest #3:  Hat.  Newly started (last night), this is knitted flat as a head band and then a knitted disc top.  Pattern:  Braid & Bobble Hat.  The theme for all of these is the purple color and (in my demented knitter's mind) intended as a set with different patterns and yarns.
Shows 2 of 10 repeats for the headband.
Contest rules:  You must make your guess-timates by midnight Friday, March 4th, and the closest to correct wins!  There will be three winners, one in each contest, even if I have to have a run-off in case of ties. (Unless NO ONE enters.)
Good luck!


  1. Requires too much thought for me at this time. Maybe I can devote time to decide later. Sigh.

  2. All those projects look wonderful. The scarf will be a work of art. Lucky you to have a man in your knit group. Such diversity!

  3. Whew! Good luck with that. The scarf is too wonderful for words!

  4. well. I want a tea towel even if no one else does! And since all the knitted items up for auction are for me anyway...hum...I think you will finish the mittens and hat but only have knitted twelve inches on the scarf by the time I leave.

  5. I think cupcake mitts and hat will be done but the scarf will be 18" or less.

    I'd be happy if you didn't finish them at all b/c that would mean you spent lots of time with J and C--you can knit after they leave!!

  6. i reckon cee's entry should be disqualified since, erm she can monitor the progress....here is my piece of the pie:i believe hat at this stage is potentially finished,scarf will be done second and mittens last.

  7. Knowing you I'm guessing everything will be finished, but here is my offical entry:
    Cupcake mittens - finished
    double knit scarf - 24"
    hat - finished

  8. I agree with Kay, you will likely finish all, but for sport's sake:
    1 and 1/2 mittens
    Scarf all but 3 inches
    Hat finished except not sewn together.

  9. From Jenny: March 2
    Here’s my swag. Mittens- completed. Scarf-20 inches. Hat- completed.



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