Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yarn shopping begins!

Even though I am two minutes from the nearest yarn for sale, I haven't been there yet.  I relish the thought of being so close.  I walk by, and look in the windows, and in the door, letting my mind run wild with the pleasures of DROPS Alpaca.
Instead, I walked 5 minutes to a hobby store that had a very limited supply of very tempting yarn.  Mostly tempting because... well, you know, all those yarn qualities plus inviting colors.

A brand called:  Marks & Kattens (M&K) found on Ravelry.

The scene a few minutes later:
The toddler, who paints with no mess, drops a container of beads... instant purchase!  Is that a beautiful Icarus Shawl I see?  Well, yes, it is!

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