Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Doing?*

I've been busy, but I also feel like I've neglected my blog.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Does anyone else notice?  I notice, because I like to read my favorite blogs, and ... and... they are doing the same thing as me-- neglecting their blogs.
Brenda, I don't mean you!  I need to make a convenient link to your blog so I'll have NO excuses.  HERE

My days are full of little errands, baby-sitting, and watching the weather.  In NM, there is little weather to watch:  Sun, sunny, mostly sunny, scattered showers possible, clear.  Here in Norway:  Rain, rain, more rain, partly sunny, and fog.  It's just how it is. I'm not complaining because when you see the cute rain gear, you can't help but smile!
I went button shopping today.  So hopeful that I would find something to match other buttons.
For this "completed" project I need 6 buttons down the front, and 11 buttons for decoration in the diamonds.  I have 10.
I wish you could see how lovely those buttons are. They are a shiny orange and exactly the same green as the sweater.  Looks like 3 buttons one on the other.  My daughter bought them years ago, just because they are beautiful.  She has them in this orange and green combination, and another set in pink shades.
The shop still has the pink ones, but not the orange/green.  Bummer.  They just don't photograph well.

*Favorite expression of my 2 year old (minus 2 weeks) granddaughter when she sees someone.  


  1. what doing? indeed!

    I miss you when you don't blog, but I just think you are busy with things in NOrway!

  2. Very cute rain gear. Sounds as if Norway's weather is like our Canadian weather this spring. Thanks for the shout out to my blog.


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