Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weather in Norway

Meteogram, next 48 hours

The meteogram: Bergen
*Nedbørssøylene viser maks- og minverdier for nedbør per time. 
This is just SAD!  The chart doesn't even go over 20ºC...
We are just laughing it off, in fact, at this moment it's quite bright out, like there's sun somewhere, but the cloud cover is shrouding the mountains.  I'm SOOOO glad I'm not a tourist here for the day! LOL
Sorry about the pasted chart above spilling over into other columns, but you get the idea.
Today we had a mini birthday party for our 2 year old.  The puddles under the swings was VERY popular, as was the splash at the bottom of the slide!
We kept the cupcakes under foil and everyone was cheery as if the sun was shining.

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