Monday, June 20, 2011

One Mid-Summer Night

Date:  June 15, 2011,  Bergen, Norway,  just before midnight.
I noticed something strange.  First, I noticed it was a gorgeous night, then I realized that the chunk missing from the moon was odd.  Could it be... an eclipse?
This is more like the lighting at midnight in mid-June at 60º N latitude.
I googled it, and sure enough, it was the end of an eclipse.  Being surrounded by mountains, and the sun going down around 11 PM made this an event I almost missed.
Friday night (June 17), sunset 11:09 PM, Saturday morning (June 18), sunrise 4:09 AM.  One hour of 'night' between dusk and dawn!

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  1. very cool! we are just (the 15th) past the full moon here, so it looked similar to yours on the weekend.

    hope the rest of your vacation goes well.


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