Sunday, June 12, 2011

No complaints!

I've been a bit moany about Bergen's weather.  I'm not the only one, which makes me feel less ungrateful-- because-- There have been some nice days, like today. Though I took no pictures today was the first time, I went without a jacket, and dared to show my bare toes in public.  Just to cover all bases, I wore my Europa shawl around my neck and visited a yarn shop.  Got a compliment, too, from the shop keeper, and I returned the favor by helping her find the right word for tourists who were appalled that the shops would be closed totally, both Sunday and Monday.  Yes, it's the great celebration of 'Pinse' or Pentecost.

 And last week... although not as warm, it was nice weather for a walk.
The re-planting of gardens in the parks is on-going.  Everything was ship-shape for the 17th of May celebrations, but not quite up to par a month later.
Hills to negotiate with a stoller.  

Real hills...
A walk through the Botanical Gardens.  Being a nice day there were loads of students soaking in the sun.
 And a friendly cat as our guide.

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  1. The weather seems to be cool and damp all over the world. Perhaps you have mentioned it previously but what took your daughter to such a far away land?


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