Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Mouse

Cutest darn thing!!
Mousie Mousie
The original pattern calls for thicker yarn and needles, but this one stands a proud 5 inches tall.


Bits of yarn:
Lanette superwash wool by Sandnes Garn (Norway)
I intend to use this for, "I'm looking for a mouse!" playtime.
I used my new "short" KA Switch needles in size 2.75 mm.  Very uncomfortable... I felt like I was using baby needles.  I came really close to switching to my regular length dpns then I realized I had about 20 stitches to go.  I think I will use the 'shorts" only if I "need" to.  This project was done flat, and I could have used 5" dpns.  The needles sure are cute as a mouse!

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