Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Knitting and Crafts

My daughter, who is in the process of uncovering boxes of... a previous life, after a one year hiatus, is full of ideas to implement.  The sudden burst of creativity is spurred on by my presence, and I'm expecting there's some sort of collaboration intended.  There's a quilt or two in the making.

Then there's the miles of yarn uncovered that has been bagged with inches of projects started.  Some are reincarnated as something altogether new.  For example, I give you the yarn that was a sweater which is missing the pattern.

I swatched this hat for gauge.  I can be a good girl... don't always go to such lengths, but, hey, it's a great hat!

The rest of the yarn is going in my queue for the Corrugated Asymmetrical Sweater for my little one.  According to my gauge and sizing of the pattern (in Loop-d-Loop), I have until the summer/fall of 2014 to complete it!

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