Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flight One (of four)

A long day flying thousands of miles.  Not as much fun as I hoped but full of experiences!
My first flight is always the loudest, the most isolated and most beautiful:  Over the Rockies.

See the propeller?  LOUD.
Nineteen seater means one seat on each side, so no seat companions.  Isolated.  Can't talk anyway, (LOUD) although I heard one woman shout a conversation with someone in the back of the plane, THE --- WHOLE ---- HOUR---.  TG for noise canceling headphones.
See the snow still on the peaks?  Last day of May.  Early morning.  Nice.

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  1. I have an hilarious - funny only because I survived it - story of a flight on a 19 seater. If we ever get together in person, remind me to tell you about it.


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