Friday, June 3, 2011

Fast Forward to Fourth Flight (of four)

My connections were so "tight" that one of them I didn't have time to sit down or look around.  The ultimate non-stressful perfect connection happened in Newark when my 1/2 hour late flight pulled into the gate NEXT to my connecting flight which was calling the last few rows to board.  NICE! I stood there in a daze when I saw the gate number mere steps away.  I still listened carefully, just to be sure, to the final announcement while buckled in on the plane when they say, "This is the final confirmation that this is flight #123 to Copenhagen."  That's where I wanted to go, so I sat back and relaxed.
Here are a few pictures of my wait in Copenhagen.
A sculpture on the wall.

A treat for me!

Something to keep me occupied and out of the 1,000's of shops.

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