Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to take.. on the road again.

Here's my travel tip:  Dental floss.
I know it's not original; I read or heard it somewhere a few years ago and it's brilliant!  No scissors needed:  Use the dental floss cutter on your yarn, string or thread.  All of this is going into my survival kit.  There's my Route 66 bag waiting to be filled. (Maybe dental floss is a multi-purpose item!!)
 While the above all goes in my checked baggage, I'll be taking something that is rather simple:  The beginnings of a scarf in yummy Mongolian Cashmere.  Two cable needles are needed.  I know lots of people don't use cable needles anymore, and I don't either unless there's a 2-part crossover.  (2/2/2)  The pattern is Lily Chin's reversible "Cables on the Double".  When I get on the other side, I'll show you what I have.
 Along with my little survival kit, I'll need some needles, patterns, and left-handed scissors.  I understand there are a few sewing projects awaiting me.
 And just in case I have any free time, I can always knit this dropped stitch top and carry on a conversation, too.
 Then there's the toddler socks.  They are finished and packed away with the matching mommy socks.  I haven't woven in the ends yet.  They need to be tried on to make sure they fit.
 If all else is accomplished, which it won't...  (I'm rethinking this item now...)
Yep.  I better leave this home, so I can shop in Norway!  Don't want to disappoint Marija!

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