Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tubular Bind-off, Part 3

It's SO exciting to bind-off.  Another pair of socks are finished and again, my friend, the tubular Bind Off is the chosen one.
I reiterate that I would not be so happy about this if it weren't for TechKnitter.  HERE are the instructions again.
And the four basic stitches:
Purl front (remove)

Knit front (stay)

Knit back (remove)

Purl back (stay)

These are my "Leftover Socks" knitted from 6 leftover sock yarns. I recklessly chose by colors and not by fiber.

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  1. This is just the best tutorial! I just finished my first toe ups and am on my second pair right now. I did a 3 stitch bind-off I found on youtube and it was ok but I like yours much better. I've saved the instructions.
    Thanks for posting them.
    Marilyn in Aztec


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