Saturday, May 7, 2011

The rest of the story...

Knitters at night met and Mimi had a great time even though we all cheered her on to rip out that sucker!  Her pullover, knitted with ribbing, bottom up, was too short.  She has the sleeves and side seams sewn, ready for the collar to be added.  She ended up ripping out/cutting off the ribbing and expects to extend the length by 3-4 inches. The pictures from yesterday's blog HERE.
Meanwhile, across the room, Kee was having a night, too.
This was the sock that WAS... ripped out.  And Kee wept on our shoulders as she explained her predicament at home with a lacy cotton cardigan that has been soaked, boiled, patted, and tumble-dried to no avail.  It refuses to shrink, and insists on growing.  Best of luck there!
Then I turn around and what's this?
Bee is--untangling, pulling, stretching, knotting?  I was afraid to ask...
And now I'll write a happy ending:
Dr. P is celebrating her last knit nite with us and she's still going strong!  We love you... Dr. P sits quietly listening to our woes and suddenly interjects some medical wisdom that comforts us or sheds some light on the subject at hand.  We'll miss you SO much.  Maybe we should Skype?
And lastly, the deadline has been met.  A wedding on the 27th, travel to it on the 20th, framers deadline:  TOMORROW!  Lee completes the stitching on his project.  No doubt in MY mind why all the kids want to get married one of these keepsakes:
Of course, WE are all doomed because we heard "stories".  I don't dare publish the 3 letters that would get this blog on the short list for scrutiny.
See some of you in 2 weeks!

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