Monday, May 9, 2011

No REALLY, I'm finished.

I showed off my new socks, errrrr,  exactly ONE new sock, to my hub.  He asked, "Do you have another one to go with it?"  And I replied, "Of course, only it's not quite finished."  He snorted that snort that meant, "In your mind you have a second sock..."  At which point I rushed to the next room and returned with sock #2 complete EXCEPT for the bind off.  Now, he doesn't have any idea how much time a bind off takes, so he was convinced I, indeed, had a second sock VERY close to being finished.
And I got to show those off in yesterday's blog, didn't I!!
So why did I take pictures earlier today that look like this?
The top one is inside out.
Hmmm.  We all know what THAT means. (I stretched the truth, a bit...) Ends.  Weaving in...  I'm "almost" finished.
I sat down with the Sunday golf and basketball on TV and two hours later...  YES, I was horrified that each sock took an hour, I had FINISHED socks.
I put them on.
And I took pictures:
The top one is inside out. And, truly, the bottom sock is "end-free", too!
My new favorite socks. Statistics:  See Ravelry Page

Drip Candles by Kirsten Hall from Think Outside the Sox; Materials:  Leftover yarns from socks of wool, merino, cotton, soy, & nylon blends.


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