Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Spring Green

I like the Spring Green T.  Now for a little 2T cardigan:
This is such a great pattern.  It's from Creative Knitting Magazine, however, the pattern is re-written due to many mistakes in the first printing in September 2009.  It may be too big for my little 2-year old, but as long as it's too big, no worries!

Meanwhile, how can I compete with this?
I'm jealous that I wasn't the one to knit that cap.  And I sure wish I was a fly on the wall to witness the donning of this outfit.  Blouse, skirt, apron, jewelry, cape...  wrestling a 23 month-old into all of that finery!  Last year she screamed the whole time, but balloons will soothe anyone's temper.  This is for The Seventeen of May which is the National Day of Norway.
I think next May, I'll have to be there...

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